Rocky Valves

AIRTEC ROCKY™ Valves: High-Performance Durability Designed for Heavy-Duty Manufacturing

ROCKY™ valves are of the highest quality and reliability and are often the product of choice for tire, plastic and rubber manufacturers looking for rationalization and automation in their processes. AIRTEC's selection of specialized water valves, control valves, check valves, piston valves and accessories offer high durability, top performance and resistance to wear and tear, ensuring seamless material flow and increased efficiency. Manufacturers rely on ROCKY™ valves to prevent downtime, reduce waste and ensure consistent product quality as they optimize their workflow and boost their competitive advantage.

The Value of ROCKY™ Valves

Optimize flow and reduce waste.
ROCKY™ control valves and check valves can be used to regulate the flow of rubber compounds and adhesives through pipelines and mixing equipment. Select the right valve for each stage of processing and see how AIRTEC's line of ROCKY™ valves and accessories can optimize the flow of materials and minimize risks of waste or defects.

Precision control and quality.
Control the flow of resins, additives and water through extrusion, molding and mixing equipment with ROCKY™ control and water valves. Utilizing automated systems to adjust the valves based on sensor feedback, manufacturers can achieve precise control over the flow and quality of their products.

Increase efficiency and reduce costs.
Regulate the flow of materials such as latex and solvents through mixing and curing equipment with ROCKY™ control, check and piston valves. Durable against abrasion and corrosion, ROCKY™-brand valves are known for their robustness and ability to ensure equipment operates reliably and with minimal maintenance requirements.

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"In conclusion, the results show, that for the 2-way steam supply valve on our curing presses, the Rocky TPC-2212-25, outperformed the other valves significantly, with no leakage through the valve seat or stem when cycled to the equivalent to 20 years of service"

John J.

John J., Global Tire Company

"Just a note of thanks to AIRTEC for the excellent product, Rocky Valves ™, and for your support. As you know we have surpassed the goal of 12 million cycles on these valves in extremely harsh operating conditions. We are confident that these valves might even reach, and maybe surpass, the elusive 15 million cycles mark"

Luc R.

Luc R., Global Tire Company

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